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Discover your potential with our SPARK Program 

Self-discovery through a community with 
Passion-driven and
Aspiring learners with 
Responsive mentors is a 
Key to personal and professional success 


The time to start planning for your future is now.

Covid-19 has changed nearly everything about the road to college. Policies are shifting, uncertainty abounds, and college admission is more competitive than ever.

At ABLE, we've been helping students and families reach their academic goals for more than 30 years. Tell us your dream school, and we'll help get you there.

Complete Student Needs Assessment

We start with a comprehensive analysis of where you are and where you want to go — then we build a master plan and show you exactly how to get there

High School Course Selection

Learn exactly which challenging (but manageable) classes to take in high school to most effectively display your readiness for the rigors of college 

Strengths, Skills & Personality Inventory

Colleges want to know what makes you special and what you care about — discover your unique strengths and interests, and leverage them for admissions success

Standardized Test Planning

Map out your SAT/ACT, AP exams and more — which ones to take and when to take them in order to get the best results

College Major Advising

At many schools, your intended major affects application requirements — work with us to discover which path is right for you and develop specific admissions strategies

Extracurricular Exploration

Stretch yourself beyond the limits of the classroom — we’ll help you get involved so you can display authentic depth, passion, and commitment on your applications

Summer Program Placement

We'll help you identify the right summer programs and internships to develop true commitment, leadership qualities, and an interest in community

College Admissions Seminars

There's a lot of inaccurate information out there about admissions at highly selective colleges — get access to regular seminars in which expert speakers demystify the process

Download SPARK Handbook


Grades 7 & 8

In the world of selective admissions, every move in high school counts. We'll help you plan ahead and make the right choices to give your child a huge competitive advantage.



Your first year of high school is when you can start paving your own path. We will show you how to stand out from the crowd by selecting the right courses and participating in engaging activities.



Sophomore year can make or break your chances of getting into your dream school. We're here to help guide you toward valuable projects that display your passions, build intellectual curiosity, and uncover what makes you interesting, compelling, and uniquely you.



Everyone says junior year is the most important, and there's a good reason for that. We will help you deepen your academic focus, create an impressive resume packed with leadership experience, and present yourself to colleges in a powerful way.

"SPARK has been an amazing experience. This program provides copious resources that helped further my reach into the academic world. Initially, I lacked any sense of motivation to expand my knowledge, but with the mentors and supportive feedback I was able to find new interests. For example, my ideal subject of study was earth sciences, but as the program advanced, my curiosity expanded my desires into both earth sciences and business.  "

— Jo L.

Shenendehowa High School

"My experience with SPARK has been amazing so far. The program has helped me figure out my passions and the type of person that I want to be in the future. Before SPARK, I was a teenager that lacked confidence and motivation. I was only ever focused on getting on good grades, and nothing else in my life. Through this program, I’ve been able to push myself past my comfort zones and accomplish more than I could’ve ever imagined. Everyone is a part of the program: The mentors and the other teenagers are also very kind and supportive. I now have a lot more faith in what my future holds. "  

— Raney J.

Guilderland High School

"SPARK is a fun and educational program. It has really helped me develop interests I otherwise would not be able to express. My experience so far has been phenomenal. The skills SPARK has taught me such as dealing with rejection, time management, and studying methods helped me in my journey to score well in the SAT and overall in school. Most importantly, SPARK transformed my fixed mindset into a growth mindset. When I first joined the program, I was doubtful of my potential to achieve great things, but with the help and guidance of skilled mentors, my confidence in myself quickly grew. "

— Catherine C.

Shaker High School

"SPARK is not just a typical college guiding program; while it does provide much insight on the technical aspects of being quality students, it nurtures the learning aspects and fosters leadership growth. I was able to connect with a mentor Grace who cares about me and encourages me to pursue things I enjoy, not doing things just for the sake of college but for real personal development that I can carry through the rest of my life. I do value communication, though, and it would be great if there was a more effective way for me to connect with my fellow SPARK peers and collaborate on projects. Overall, an enriching experience with this program. " 
— Christina C.
Shaker High School


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