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2023 SAT Summer Camp 
(June 24 - August 25, 2023) 

I believe summer is the perfect season to challenge their academic skills by spending five weeks with me and learning various reading and math skills which will help them with their SAT performance. Most of our students successfully improved 200 points on their SAT after the camp. What a rewarding experience! 

Summer is a precious time for all students, but I'd say it matters the most to high schoolers (YES, to even rising freshmen!) 


At ABLE, we want to support our students and families to make the best possible decisions by presenting a wide array of options and choices you can make this summer. 

  • Do you offer virtual tutoring?
    Yes! We offer the same programs online that you would find in-center. With our online tutoring programs via Zoom or Google Meet, your child will interact live with our amazing tutors through face-to-face online sessions and learn just like how they would in person. Please contact us today to find more about our virtual tutoring services.
  • What kinds of programs does ABLE offer?
    We currently provide two programs to our students: SAT Summer Camp and SPARK program. We no longer offer individual tutoring classes. Please contact us today to schedule your consultation with our team member.
  • What makes ABLE different from other learning centers and programs?
    ABLE is different because we actually teach skills and strategies to our students, not just helping with their homework and solving worksheets. We teach our students for success. Our evidence-based interventions work well for kids with mental and behavioral challengies. In addition, we value family support. Our unique student and family mentoring services make ABLE's leraning experience holistic and effective.
  • Do you offer group tutoring?
    Yes, we do! If your child wants to learn with his or her friends, we can form a class that meets everyone's needs. The rates are much lower than individual tutoring sessions, and group tutoring sessions can be as effective as individual tutoring sessions. Please contact our office for more questions!
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