ABLE is not JUST a
tutoring center.

Our instructional staff supports students in all areas of their growth, maturation, and personal development. For students needing an individualized plan for personal development, 1:1 Mentoring classes are available both online and in-person.

Why Mentorship

Proper mindset is a must. Students need to have the right mindset and be eager to learn before they can make leaps academically. 


Mentoring Process:

  1. Build a relationship with the student

  2. Engage with their interests

  3. Identify areas where the student needs support (such as organization, prioritization, healthy habits, mindset, motivation, confidence) 

  4. Integrate readings, videos, and other activities into class discussions with the student that encourage improvement in identified areas

Level-Up and LEAD

Our group leadership classes are student favorites that are designed to develop collaboration, communication, and problem-solving skills that are all necessary to accelerate student growth and achievement. Curriculums for these classes marry leadership topics with reading, writing, and public speaking development to help exceptional students grow into exceptional leaders.


"Something I like about ABLE classes is that the activities/assignments are engaging, such as the "Pick One" questions and finding inspirational quotes."

"Classes at ABLE are great! The instructors choose books that are interesting yet intellectually challenging, and the activities in the classes are always fun and engaging."

"The classes expanded my knowledge of how to be successful and helped me realize the importance of others."

"The class helps me learn grammar rules and important life lessons they don't really teach in school."

Books our leadership students are reading


Atomic Habits
by James Clear


Turn the Ship Around
by Lt. David Marquet


Win in the Dark
Joshua Medcalf and Lucas Jadin


The Infinite Game
by Simon Sinek


Rejection Proof
by Jia Jiang


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