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Build off existing skills in the four core subject areas to prepare you for high school level work with the help of our instructors.

1:1 Tutoring

Program Description

ABLE Enrichment's one-on-one tutoring program offers individualized, concentrated instruction for students. While we strongly recommend in-person instruction, online 1:1 tutoring is available as an option as well. 

Recommended For

Students who need to improve in one of the four core subjects: math, science, history, and English. Our instructors are also equipped to deliver support in AP subjects and SAT level math.

What Sets Us Apart

All class materials at ABLE Enrichment are made in-house and are designed to build foundational skills in each subject. Your child's instruction will be delivered according to his or her needs. 

Tuition: $45/hour

SAT Reading Boost


Program Description

Our SAT Reading Boost classes are offered throughout the year during school breaks to cover the skills and knowledge needed for the reading and grammar sections. Reading Boost sessions and 1:1 Math are the only SAT prep options currently available outside of our summer camp (see SAT Summer Camp page).

Recommended For

Students who have already taken the SAT test and seek additional practice to improve their scores on their next one. Students who have not yet taken the test are also encouraged to join and start learning strategy before taking the PSAT or joining our SAT Intensive summer camp. 

Parent Feedback

"I can't explain how happy we are with the reading boost class. The first night, [my son] said that Ceecee was the best teacher he has ever had.

He loves her concise, direct approach!" -2020 Parent

Tuition: $60/hour (session total is dependant on length)

Literacy and Leadership Building

Our Literacy and Leadership Building Program is a student favorite program that integrates leadership topics through book reading, public speaking activities, writing mechanics, and critical analysis with the intent to unlock and grow full student potential. 

Program Description

Tuition: $360/8 Classes (1.5 hours each)

Our Literacy and Leadership Building Program is recommended for students who want to make improvements in the areas of both academics and personal development. Students will improve in the areas of confidence, resilience, and habits.  

Our Literacy and Leadership Building Program is an in-house program developed by our instructors, who have a wide variety of experiences and knowledge in education, communications, leadership, and psychology. 

Recommended For

What Sets Us Apart

GPA Management

Program Description

ABLE Enrichment's GPA Management program is an academic mentoring program that provides personalized check-in's and guidance on school coursework. Our team of instructors provide instruction for concepts students struggle with, along with repetitive practice to prepare for tests and quizzes given in school. 

Recommended For

Our GPA Management program is recommended for students in middle or high school who need help boosting their overall GPA. Students who register for GPA Management typically seek to build an understanding of concepts and study skills in more than one of the four core subjects: English, math, history, and science. 

*This course is also recommended for students preparing to take the SAT Intensive Summer Camp (SAT Prep will be available in the summertime only).

Parent Feedback

Compared to standard tutoring services that typically charge a set rate for a designated period of instruction on one subject, students enrolled in our GPA Management program have unlimited access to help from all of our instructors. Our rate covers two 1.5 hour sessions per week, at minimum. Students may seek additional help as needed.

Tuition: $600/8 Weeks 

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