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Critical Writing Class

(Grades 5-8)

*Parent Favorite Course*

Tuition: $360/ 8 Classes

Class Time: 1.5 hours/week

Program Description

Our critical writing course aims to boost writing skills through developing and submitting essays to both national and international writing contests (sponsored by the National Academy of Engineering, the Goi Peace Foundation, and more!). Our instructors guide students to develop well-researched, thoughtful and organized responses to essay contest prompts. For each essay draft, instructors will provide helpful feedback for improvement. 

Recommended For

Students who join our Critical Writing class typically enjoy writing, or have a strong desire to hone their critical reading and writing skills. All students that register for the class will be divided into two levels based on the results of a simple writing assessment. 

Real Results

In the fall of 2019, one of our students (sixth grade, Augustine Classical Academy) was selected as an award winner for an essay contest sponsored by the Radiant Peace Foundation:


Parent Feedback

Reasons why parents like this class:

> feedback on writing from the teacher

> close communication between parent and instructor

> varied writing skills practice and instruction 


"You learn skills that are valuable, not only for the SAT, but you can also use these skills for school and college!"

"You are guaranteed constant, focused counseling by the teachers."

"Not only was I able to improve my SAT score higher than I thought I would achieve, but I was also able to complete my college applications faster and easier."






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