COVID-19 causing an academic regression?

This year, we have faced one of the biggest challenges as teachers, educators, mentors, students, and families.

We understand the struggles that students and teachers are undergoing every day in the classroom. Due to a stringent budget for the current academic year, many districts cannot provide remedial services outside of the classroom when the needs of students have increased tremendously. 

Don't worry, we're here to help!

ABLE Enrichment aims to address this need by providing a space where students learn closely with instructors and can receive

remedial support in reading, writing, and math.

What are remediation services?

1. Our instructors have the knowledge and experience to close the academic gaps and prevent academic regression due to COVID-19.

2. These services are designed to fill in missing knowledge between what a student knows and what they are expected to know using evidence-based interventions and proven teaching strategies. 

3. Our services will meet the student where they are in their learning. This will be determined by diagnostic tests and interviews with the student and family to ensure the student is learning at their appropriate instructional level.


4. We use data-based methods to track student progress, so we can assure students are making gains and make adjustments in the curriculum as necessary. 

It is important to remember that remediation services are MORE INTENSIVE and DIFFERENT from tutoring and homework help. We offer all of these services here at ABLE. Upon contacting us, you will meet with one of our directors to determine the ideal program match for your student(s).

For information on 1:1 tutoring and homework help:

What subjects can I get remediation in?

We closely follow the common core standards across all subject areas for Grades 4 - 12 


  • Reading 

    • Phonics instruction

    • Reading comprehension (literal and informational texts) 

  • Writing 

    • Essay writing

    • Sentence structure 

    • Grammar rules 

  • Math

    • Word questions 

    • Basics of Algebra

    • And more! 


  • The cost will be determined on an individual basis after meeting with our directors and determining the level of need.

  • We offer scholarships and accommodate the family’s financial needs; we just ask that both students and families are excited about this opportunity!


  • We offer our program in person and online depending on the family's preference; although, we recommend in-person for this service.

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